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Beautiful Designs for Northern Kentucky Entryways
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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

For a Northern Kentucky entryway or entry door area, having a home right in in the heart of town may mean that space isn’t necessarily ample. So defining the entry door area (and giving it a beautiful design) means a Northern Kentucky entryway might be an “open” entryway, a tiny entryway, or even a nonexistent entryway. But that doesn’t mean form can’t follow function. Before leaping at the idea of a complete entryway remodel, there are several solutions you can utilize to make your Northern Kentucky entryway to be functional, but at the same time, look sophisticated.

No foyer? No problem!
An “open” entry door area, or an entryway that is nonexistent may put claustrophobics at ease with an entry door opening right into a grand living room. But where would you drop your keys? How about having a place to set down the mail? A spot to hang coats and kick off shoes? Setting everything down at the entry door can get cluttered quickly, and if that door opens to another, regularly used room of your home, it’s never a good idea to encroach on that room. Below are highlights of design ideas for a Northern Kentucky entryway that isn’t tight, even if your home is cozy.

Prioritize what needs to be close to the door. If you have an entry closet that can store coats, winter boots, and other articles of clothing, then hooks to hang them aren’t necessarily something you need.

For the little necessities that can easily become clutter, create a “landing pad” near the entry door. Since your entryway isn’t the most spacious, a large table isn’t the ideal choice. However, there are always options like attaching shelves to the wall, a narrow side table, a bench that has built-in shoe storage, and the one piece that’s always important, a doormat so dirt and debris don’t follow you inside.

Entryway, remodel, remodeling, Northern Kentucky entryway, Northern Kentucky entry door, entry door
This couple mounted kitchen cabinets to the wall for their landing pad. (Photo: Alexis Buryk)

Want partially enclose the space around your entryway, but don’t want it closed off entirely or don’t want to build a wall? Another solution is going green! Placing a large and leafy plant next to the entry door partially encloses the space by the door, creating a faux entryway for your home. (Just, be sure to regularly water your new room divider.)

Though you may not have an actual, dedicated Northern Kentucky entryway, you can incorporate furniture and other pieces that take on double duty. If your entry door opens directly into a living room or other space, a smart-yet-functional option is placing a desk by the door. This way, it acts like a side table as a spot for keys, mail, and such to be set down, but is also a practical working space.

Entryway, remodel, remodeling, Northern Kentucky entryway, Northern Kentucky entry door, entry door
A desk doesn't have to be large, just useable in more than one way. (Photo: Liz Fabry)

While Kentucky doesn’t receive the most snow for Midwest winters, the weather can change drastically nonetheless. If you don’t have a proper entryway, when a new season rolls in, see if you’re in need of extra storage. Bulky winter coats and wet rain boots come and go throughout the year, so take time each season to see if you need more (or less) storage in your Northern Kentucky entryway.

Looking to begin the first steps of your Northern Kentucky entry door remodel or redesign? Contact the design team at Kelly Bros. today. (And be sure to read our Remodeling Tips before swinging that hammer.) Tune in for the next post about making entryways and narrow areas fit the flow of your home.


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