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Kitchen Island Ideas for Every Home
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Thursday, July 23, 2015

An integral element of kitchen design that has been turning heads recently is the store-all, be-all, can-handle-it-all kitchen island. Sure, depending on the layout of the kitchen, a section of cabinets and countertop placed smack dab in the middle of the room can seem cumbersome and be tricky to maneuver around. But, not all kitchen designs are the same, and neither is every island. Even the smallest kitchens have room for the extra (read: much-needed) storage and food-prep space — it just may not be in the traditional sense.

Where do you begin on this new kitchen adventure? At Kelly Bros., we’re fans of planning things out, even if it means going about it the old fashioned route: with a pencil and a piece of paper. Before you begin any project — from renovation to remodel to new paint — measuring the room and knowing how much area you have to work with is one of the best places to start. But after you take note of your kitchen dimensions, the next thing to consider is what type of kitchen island you want incorporated into your home.

The traditional island (we should really say ‘the most well known,’ as what defines a kitchen island depends on how you’re using the fixture) is one that has cabinets/cupboards, drawers, a countertop, and sometimes a stovetop is included in an island, or the sink has been placed there — you get the picture. As you can see in this accompanying photo, this island doesn’t have cabinets on one side, as these homeowners opted to have it designed as another seating option.

kitchen, kitchen island, kitchen design, island

But, just because that’s what worked for this family’s kitchen design doesn’t mean it will work for yours. A recent home trend that has been on the rise is using a not-so-typical home furnishing as the island. Instead of having something specifically designed as a kitchen island, those with small kitchens, renters, or for those who are looking for something mobile, butcher blocks and carts can function as an island without taking up all the space. But when you’re done working in the kitchen, a butcher block or a cart can function as something else entirely: a buffet to serve food, a bar cart when distributing drinks, and something all the more radical, a way to transport food, dishes, flatware, etc. — a portable kitchen island, so to say. Whatever option fits your style does require wheels, though.

kitchen, kitchen island, kitchen design, island

If bonus cabinets and counter space or a portable kitchen island aren’t exactly what you’re looking for to add to your kitchen design, there are other utilitarian elegant options that can act as an island. Some creative (but useful!) kitchen island ideas include racks for bottles of wine, extra shelving for cookbooks or recipes, a small desk repurposed for prep, and an old table converted to hold beverages. Of course, the kitchen island ideas don’t end there; how you want to use this new kitchen furnishing and utilize your kitchen space are entirely up to you.

kitchen, kitchen island, kitchen design, island

Whether you have a kitchen that’s fit for a queen or have a galley kitchen, incorporating a kitchen island into the space isn’t as difficult or tiresome as one may think. You can even contact your friends at Kelly Bros. to handle the whole process. Trust us, you’ll be thankful for the extra room for storage, serving, and prep when it’s your turn to host the family holiday dinner.

Let the Kelly Bros. team design your new kitchen or fill out our Kitchen Planning Guide before you visit one of our locations. That way, we can better help you when looking for an island update.

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