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Bathroom Design Ideas Northern Kentuckians Will Love
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Friday, May 22, 2015

Renting a Northern Kentucky apartment means you’ll be living in the Bluegrass state, but with easy access to all of the fine things Cincinnati has to offer. But while the upside of living in a downtown, urban area of a city is that you’ll be in the midst of everything, it can tend to come with a trade-off: a lack of space.

While we can’t make builders or designers grant you more living space in the Northern Kentucky area (city living is what it is), we do have some helpful bathroom design ideas that Northern Kentuckians will love. Whether you’re renting an apartment or your row house is feeling a bit too cramped, these bathroom design ideas will make at least one room feel like you’re living in a Buckingham palace … all while living in the Bluegrass state.

·      Creating storage
When you’re in a small Northern Kentucky apartment that means you probably won’t have ample bathroom space. Which in turn means you might not have all the room in the world to store all the essentials. Sorry, rubber ducky. However, you can have small bathroom storage in a few forms.

Small bathroom cabinets under the sink, or narrow, tall ones that fit next to the toilet give you the right amount of bathroom storage without taking up precious square footage. But, if cabinets aren’t what you’re looking for in your Northern Kentucky bathroom design, try floating shelves. Floating shelves give the allusion that a space is larger than it actually is and will let you display accessories and essentials the way you want out in the open.

·      Color options
The psychology of color suggests that depending on what color is painted on the walls of your Northern Kentucky apartment or home, it can make your mood more cheerful, more doleful, or all-around more emotional. The mood you want your bathroom design to evoke depends on the wall color you choose. But the experts at Kelly Bros. know there is one feeling you want to capture no matter what bathroom you step into: clean. As this is the room in your apartment or home you go to become refreshed, you want a color that reflects that as well. And for that, we recommend shades of light blue or shades of light gray. Along with cleanliness, both of these colors elicit feelings of calmness, which are equally important in a Northern Kentucky bathroom design, because where else do you go when you get home after a stressful day at the office?

(You can read more on the psychology of color here.)

·      Less is more
City living does guarantee being in the midst of it all, but it also typically means less room. If you own a Northern Kentucky home, you may want to consider just a stand-up shower rather than an actual tub in the bathroom to conserve space. Conserving space in this area will allow you to be more creative in other bathroom design aspects, such as décor. We feel in a smaller space, less and being simple is the key. If you’re trying to elicit the clean and calm feeling in a bathroom, less and simple décor can add to that feeling as well. But, if you do want to make your bathroom resemble the starkness of a hotel bathroom, a bright candle with a bold scent will do the trick. This will provide some color contrast to the room, as well as a sweet scent to fill the air.

We have seen everything and anything when it comes to Northern Kentucky bathroom designs. From the smallest of the small, to the grandest of the grand, bathroom design ideas for apartments and homes is what we do. But when you can’t take a hammer to your wall and carve out extra space, these ideas will make small bathroom storage seem like a thing of luxury rather than a detail you’re scrounging for.

View our bath gallery for more ideas on Northern Kentucky bathroom designs or contact us today to get your bathroom into tiptop shape!


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