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A Northern Kentucky Kitchen Remodel on a Budget
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Saturday, April 18, 2015

While HGTV may have an endless number of shows dedicated to home renovation and remodeling projects, the Kelly Bros. team has something they don’t have: the personal touch to help you make your northern Kentucky kitchen remodel as smooth and seamless as possible. But when those ideas and tips you’ve seen on shows and other sites call for the highest-priced options (or if you know that you need to replace that leaky sink, but don’t have the funds right now to be dedicated for an entire kitchen renovation), what do you do? The answer is simple; we cover ways to update your kitchen or how to complete a northern Kentucky kitchen remodel no matter what your budget may be!

•     Updating cabinets doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg
As you’re taking on a northern Kentucky kitchen remodel on a specific budget, we know that outright buying brand new cabinets may not be your first choice during this home renovation project. But just like “The Wonder Years,” the ’80s have long since passed, and so have their kitchen design trends. Which means those laminate cabinets are definitely out of date. But, if your kitchen remodel project doesn’t budget for brand new cabinets, touching them up a bit can bring you into the 21st century just as equally. Painting cabinets to a neutral color (or a bright bold color — the possibilities are endless and it is your kitchen remodel project) such as white, gray, or even an off-white can not only bring a northern Kentucky kitchen into 2015, but it can also make even of the tiniest of spaces seem open. But paint isn’t the only way to update cabinets; for a kitchen remodel straight out of the 1980s, swapping out the hardware is also worthwhile. A timeless color such as pewter or black can last well into the 2080s. But take this helpful tip into consideration: watch the eye of the price per piece while shopping. Every budget is different during a northern Kentucky kitchen remodel, but if you do have numerous cabinets, the prices can rise drastically and quickly. We may not be able to help you with that corded wall phone, though.

•     Change lighting fixtures to improve overall lighting
Not only can this bring much-needed added warmth to your kitchen, but if you change from a light on the countertop to a hanging ceiling light, it opens up more counter space for you to use as well, and we think that’s a money-saver in itself. A new light fixture can become the focal point of a room or it can become the inspiration for when your funds dictate for a full kitchen remodel or home renovation. But if you want lighting to be out of the way completely, sconces or under-cabinet lighting can make it easier to see in corners and the way back of that lazy Susan where you may not have been able to differentiate your bottle of ground cumin from the bottle of ground cinnamon before. 

•     Add new drawers or cabinets with more storage area
You don’t have to swap out your storage spaces for entirely new ones if you’re looking for a simple solution. The idea we have in mind is inexpensive, but finally gives you a proper space to store all of your pans and trays without them clanging and the one you need ending up at the dead bottom of the pile (or so it always seems to work out that way).  Whether you’re looking for more space in a drawer or in a cabinet, adding in dividers creates the perfect way to organize pans, trays, cookie sheets, and everything in between that doesn't bode well being stacked up. Placing a divider in a cabinet allows you to store trays and sheets upright rather than flat. If you choose to organize a drawer in this manner, it allows you to see everything you have in your drawer without rifling through to the bottom of a pile. Your ears will thank you when you choose storage with dividers.

•     Any kitchen remodel project can benefit from new shelves
It doesn’t matter if you have a galley kitchen or if you have a kitchen that is fit for a queen; you can never have too much storage space! If you aren’t looking to add more cabinets or if you’re tired of bending down to get something out of a drawer, installing new shelves during a kitchen remodel project can give you a place for plates when you thought there wasn’t a spot beforehand. For a home that is lacking in the upper cabinet department, simple, open shelves add an abundance of storage for everyday essentials and fit into every northern Kentucky kitchen remodel’s budget. Don’t think you can tackle shelves? We know every kitchen remodel has allotted a different budget for the project. And we know every home is different; that’s why we've listed some of our favorite (yet stylish) shelving ideas.

•     A fresh coat of paint can always give a kitchen a new look
Whether you want to repaint the walls, the floor, or your cabinets, never underestimate what a fresh coat of paint can do for any home remodel project! Before you re-haul your kitchen’s current look, try a new color of paint; it can make the design of your kitchen seem different when in a completely different color. Neutrals do open up a space and can also make a traditional home more modern, but consider all color options. Don’t be afraid to make a bold color statement on your cabinets with a treatment option or a color choice that is the opposite of traditional, such as royal blue or even a sage green. But, before you whip out your artist’s palette, brushes, and apply paint to your cabinets, know what the existing finish on your cabinet is first; if you’re unsure, the experts at Kelly Bros. can help you know what finish you have and what steps to take from there.

We know that watching the myriad of home renovation TV shows currently on air can spark creative ideas of how to jump-start a kitchen remodel and other home projects. But, a northern Kentucky kitchen remodel is different than other kitchen projects; it’s your home and you want it to be uniquely yours — and according to your budget. With these ideas, and the experts on the Kelly Bros. team, all of these can help you take the first steps toward making your kitchen remodel a part of your dream home.


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