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Home Decorating Trends for 2015
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Thursday, February 5, 2015

While you may have spent the first month of 2015 scribbling out a four on important documents, the Kelly Bros. team has been scoping out what the trends for the year will be. No, we weren’t looking at the latest fashion trends. Rather, the latest home trends. Last month saw the rise of Marsala (as we should, since it is the Color of 2015), but since we’re well into February, we’re now seeing other distinct ideas.

·      Bold hues & bold color palettes
We’ve been seeing the “go big, or go home” mentality with color options already exploding this year. The reddish hue of Marsala may be everywhere, but blues and greens are dominating walls. It’s not just one or two shades of these colors people are loving for the year; royal blues, olive greens, aqua, cerulean, and leaf green are popular color choices this far into the year. It is a large commitment to make these colors options the whole scheme of one room. The go-to option for many is an accent wall for these gallant colors. With neutral furniture or complementary furniture, having a courageous color scheme won’t make a room look radical, but will make it be livable. But a bold or bright color may not be for everyone …

·      Prefer neutrals?
There is always a neutral color option to offset the bold and brights that are popping up. But 2015 is seeing a hybrid of neutrals with what some people are calling “greige.” Combining the best of both colors, “greige” has hints of both gray and beige in it, creating a brown-gray color. This neutral tone will make any kitchen or living space feel inviting and can complement the other colors choices you have made for a room. Have white cabinets? Is your sofa chocolate brown? Does your dining room table have purple chairs? All of these colors go well with “greige.” But if creating new colors isn’t for you, we also feel light gray is faring well in homes for 2015. Not white, but not deep like charcoal, a paler gray will lighten a room, making the space feel larger. Plus, if you decide to paint your walls gray or use gray cabinetry and hardware, it will allow you to incorporate lively (or calmer) colors into a room. Blue pillows, a green wall or, taking it one step further, an orange sofa, all work well with gray. Selecting colors to include with neutrals gives you the entire color wheel to choose from.

·      Tiles: Not just for backsplash anymore 
We love kitchen backsplashes. And it looks like countless others do too because tile seems to be popular in other spaces now. Besides a flooring choice that can withstand many elements, tile can also be used on walls. Ceramic tile and glass tile come in a variety of sizes, colors and even patterns that allow you to bring a new ambiance to your home. Repeating colors or shapes on tile can give the appearance of texture while still being a completely smooth surface. Excellent for the bathroom or perhaps to be used on a wall in the living room — tile opens up another world for home décor. And while tile is an excellent floor choice, currently smaller tiles are out. Large-format tiles cover more surface area, meaning there are less grout lines to clean. Also, large-format tiles can help make a space feel larger. Do know that if you choose to have these tiles for your new floor, they most likely will require a professional to install them.

·      Wood floors

A classic floor choice that seems to be making a comeback (although it never really left), wood makes our list of home trends for this year. Solid hardwood can withstand many elements and accidents, but does eventually show wear and tear. Solid wood can always be refinished or resurfaced, giving new life to that floor. But there is another choice that holds up to many of life’s happenstances too. Engineered wood is made up of a hardwood veneer with a core of plywood or fiberboard. Because of the difference in cores, engineered wood can be installed in places where solid wood wouldn't fare, such as an environment with a lot of moisture. With a wide variety of options available for species, color and even pattern in both solid and engineered wood, giving your home the floor you deserve has never looked better.

As we’re only in the second month of the year, there are plenty more trends that we could be seeing for homes. But at Kelly Bros., home design is where our minds always are, so we know a thing are two when it comes to great homes.

Do you think our predictions of what will be popular this year are a hit or a miss? Let us know what you’ll incorporate into your home design for 2015!


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