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Home Trends: Marsala
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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Last month, Pantone, the self-proclaimed color authority, announced they had chosen Marsala as the Color of the Year for 2015. Though some are wondering why the name of a delicious chicken dish is predicted to be the trend for the New Year, others are embracing this red wine-like color in their hearts and homes. And Kelly Bros. is no different. We’re predicting not only clothes, makeup and accessories will be popping up with this ’90s lipstick color, but it will be used in homes as well.

2014 saw a bold hue of purple with Radiant Orchid that, while beautiful, was difficult to wear for some and may have been too bold for some homes. Pantone switched from a cool color to the warmer side of the color wheel for 2015 with Marsala. Reminiscent of red wines and pomegranates, Marsala can be used as small accents or as the main focus as a room in your home.

      No, we’re not suggesting you rush out and find all new cookware in this deep red (though there will probably be a KitchenAid mixer soon). But gradually adding this color into your kitchen will not only appeal to people’s eyes, but also their appetites.

      Start out simple by adding Marsala dishware or, for your next shindig, use Marsala napkins — all while serving chicken marsala, of course. As red is known to stimulate appetites, painting your kitchen or dining area the cranberry/burgundy that is Marsala will do well in a kitchen. And, as this shade is not too dark or too bright, it will keep a room light. This is great for kitchens that don’t receive a lot of light during the day or for those of you who felt a cherry red might not fare well in a kitchen.

      If you want to go the extra mile when adding Marsala to your kitchen, there is always the opportunity of talking to designers and other home experts (does the name Kelly Bros. ring any bells?) and seeing how to purchase appliances like ranges, refrigerators, even coffee makers, in Pantone’s color of 2015. But choose wisely; as it is your home you’re doing, you want to be happy with the design and color.

Similar to kitchen ideas, heading out to get a claw-foot tub in Marsala may not be the first thing to try. Instead, opt for temporary changes. A new bath mat, towels or shower curtain can give a new feel to a dull bathroom.

      Going the more permanent route, painting walls in a bathroom in the Color of the Year for 2015 is always an option. But, for a more daring choice, why not try wall paneling or cabinets in a species of wood that channels Marsala? Redwood, rosewood and mahogany all have reds hues that would make Pantone jealous. Having paneled walls instead of just painted walls in a bathroom can add a new modernity that your bathroom was missing. Browse our Wood Species Library to see what wood best suits your personality.

      For some, the name of 2015’s Color of the Year elicits a desire to head out for Italian food. But, for others, incorporating this color into the home will bring out the elegant and grounded statement Pantone is hoping it portrays. Having seen a rainbow of colors since 2009 for Pantone’s Color of the Year, a color that resembles red wine makes us feel the bottle is half full.

What are your thoughts on Marsala? Does the color remind you too much of the '90s or do you think it's perfect for 2015? Do you plan on using the color in your home? Let us know in the comments below.

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