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Tips for a Bathroom Remodel
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Monday, November 10, 2014

It may have been that leaky faucet or the tile reminded you of your grandmother’s house, but you have finally decided to tackle the renovation of your bathroom. While this may seem like a lot of work — measuring, deciding what colors to use, choosing fixtures, doing it yourself or having a pro do it — it doesn’t have to be stressful. Before you decide to update your bathroom, read these tips to make the whole project go smoothly.

•       Sit in a bathtub before you buy it
It all depends on size: your bathroom’s size and how tall you are. A giant bathtub isn’t going to fit in a small bath, nor does a tall person want to be cramped in a bathtub. A 60-inch tub tends to be the norm in many homes, but this may not be what you want. Choose an extra-deep tub if you don’t have room for a large tub. See if the angled back fits your comfort level. See what feels comfortable and looks best to you. So sit in that bathtub you’ve been dreaming of before you buy it to see if you fit in it and to see if it fits your bathroom.

•      Make sure you have the proper tools and equipment
You wouldn’t hang a photo on the wall without a nail and hammer. So why would you start a bathroom project without knowing what caulk to use or which screwdriver you’ll need? Consult a local home improvement store if you’re deciding to do-it-yourself for any advice they have and what tools will work best for your specific project. And our thoughts on the right caulk tend to lean toward an acrylic kind or hybrid formula. That way you can remove items without the harsh use of chemicals.

•       Consider your budget
The budget will have a vast impact on what materials you choose to use during a bathroom improvement project. Focusing on the budget will also help you decide which parts of the design are most important to redo (Do you really need new handles on the bathroom drawers or do you want to update the shower?). You can get creative with your budget too! Knowing what parts of your remodel you can afford and what parts may remain on a wish list will help enable you in determining what parts of the bathroom need to be re-done versus what you would just like to be re-done. A good rule of thumb is to set some money aside for the unexpected, such as mold or a water problem.

•       Make a checklist
This one may seem obvious, but it will help you get everything you want done, on budget and (possibly) on time. The unexpected may happen to anyone, so budget and length may take more money and more time than you projected, but putting everything into a checklist can help you know what is getting done and when. Some examples of what to include in your checklist include the following: measure the bathroom to know what fixtures can fit into the space; locate all the water shutoff valves in your home so there are no water problems when taking out fixtures and putting new ones in; and, decide whether or not you will donate your old bathroom fixtures or if they need to be hauled away — make these plans accordingly.

•       Determine your DIY skills and then call an expert for the parts you can’t do
Not everyone has the ability to renovate a bathroom from start to finish and make it look like the inspiration you saw in the magazine — and that’s OK. But if you’re determined to take on some of the projects by yourself, be extremely sure of what skills you have. If you know for a fact you can’t install that new shower stall, then call an expert. That’s going to cost more money though!, you may be thinking. But that’s not the case; if you do a project yourself and then it needs to be fixed because you weren’t able to do something properly, calling someone else to do it will cost you more money. Consult a professional (such as Kelly Bros.!) who can not only help you save on costly DIY mishaps, but they can tell you what items to purchase that will look great in your bathroom and fit your budget.

Did you have items on your remodel checklist that we didn’t include here? Or do you have tips for anyone looking to renovate their bathroom that we didn’t mention? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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