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Helpful Tips to Modernize a Kitchen
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Whether a home is simply in need of new cabinets that aren’t from the ’80s, or it needs a complete makeover from those Harvest Gold appliances that were all the rage in grandma’s heyday, bringing a kitchen into the 21st century can be easy — and doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. With these ideas and tips, you’ll have a kitchen that even the Jetsons will be jealous of.

A way to begin this process is investing in efficient lighting options. There are endless options for kitchen lights depending on how modern you want the kitchen to look — but that’s not what we mean by efficient lighting. When choosing a new overhead light or hanging lamp for the kitchen, replace all those incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs). Not only do CFLs last longer and use less energy, but also another added benefit is these guys don’t have a big power drain on your home. Meaning, the cost of your electric bill will go down when using CFLs in place of incandescent bulbs. That’s a great way to stay on budget during a home improvement project.

If your kitchen is lacking in storage space, bring in a temporary kitchen island. We say "temporary," because it may not be what you want after using the island for a few weeks, or you might find your kitchen simply does not have the space for an island. A removable island could be something along the lines of a butcher’s block table with shelves underneath or even an industrial cart. Both can give you just the right amount of workspace without taking up too much room — just make sure to have the wheels locked! If you already have an island in your kitchen and feel it doesn’t go with how you want to update the kitchen, consider changing the color of that island. Paint or stain the island a darker color than your (soon-to-be-updated!) cabinets, to add interest to your kitchen. 

Let’s face it, laminate cabinets were the trend of the 1980s and probably should’ve stayed in that decade. But, like most trends, they sometimes stick around for too long. However, if your budget doesn’t include room for brand new cabinets, opt for a new paint job. If those cabinets have a plastic laminate front, check with a knowledgeable source (such as Kelly Bros.!) to see what type of paint would work best with repainting those. For wood laminate cabinets, those can easily be painted like wood cabinets. For a touch of personality, go with something that isn’t the typical standard grade; try something colorful. Many people are looking at pastels as they add a bit of personality but still blend well with multiple different materials and finishes that can be seen in a kitchen.

For another way to bring your cabinets into the modern world, add new hardware. Whether you want brass, a polished steel or classic black, adding new hardware to drawers and cabinets can subtly change the look of a kitchen. Count how many knobs or drawer pulls you’ll be in need of. That way you can figure out if what pulls and knobs you are interested in will fit in the budget. 

Modernizing a kitchen on a budget can be done. With simple ideas like these, a beautiful new kitchen is within your reach. Let your ideas and personality shine through when redoing the kitchen, and it will beat out the Jetsons’ any day.

Do you have some different budget-friendly ways to update a kitchen? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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