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Bringing the Beach to Your Bathroom
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Thursday, August 14, 2014

As we’re reaching the end of the summer season, it may be difficult to plan a trip to the beach before school starts again or before heading back to work. But it won’t be difficult to bring the beach theme you want into your home. A nautical retreat in your bathroom will make it seem like you can actually hear crashing waves from your own home.

•     COLOR
Let’s start with the obvious: blue. Shades and hues of blue ranging from royal blue to turquoise to sea foam green all can embody the feel of the ocean. You don’t have to paint every wall in the bathroom, you can have an accent wall in blue with others in neutral, almost sandy colors, to keep the feel of the beach. 

Need more nautical and less beach colors? Navy and white have a bolder appearance, but can create a coastal retreat nonetheless. To offset the brightness, have a light blue cabinet or shelf in the room. Add in some bits of red, and it’ll be like you’re living right on the pier.

•     TILE
Using similar colors to what you have chosen to do on your walls, the tile in the shower, or even on the walls, can have a beach feel to it. Subway tile is a popular choice for kitchens, but multi-colored blocks with sea foam green, sand and cream can carry the color scheme throughout the whole bathroom. 

But, if subway tiles aren’t appealing to you, there are other options for bathroom tile. Opt for a mosaic tile as a border around the room. It adds the right amount of playfulness, and keeps color in the room. A relaxing wave pattern or a light blue are good color choices when considering a beach theme. However, be cautious when picking out mosaic tile; you want to make sure there is contact between the tile and the backer board — glue by itself may not hold them up.

•     DÉCOR
Your bathroom décor taste may differ from ours, but we have a feeling you’ll like our ideas. Start out doing something simple; the basket holding different lotions or the toilet paper storage looks a little boring, right? Glue or tack on a large seashell. Don’t want seashells? You could even have your own “coral” as a decoration. Or you could also have the mirror’s frame be distressed wood or hung in a frame resembling a ship’s wheel. These are some of many ways to decorate without an overabundance of beach or nautical items.

Or, you could go all out and add seashells in every nook and cranny of the room. Candles in blue-tinted jars will add to the color scheme. You can even fill jars or decorative bowls with sand and shells from the last beach you visited to have authenticity. A larger DIY project to encompass the total coast feel would be to hang shelves up from ropes. Before you delve into any DIY projects — large or small — make sure you have the proper equipment and, of course, make sure your project is done safely!

What decorations and bathroom design elements you include in your bathroom is up to you. If you want more neutrals than blues and greens in your bathroom, by all means, go for it! 

Not seeing a beach design to your liking? Or do you have some more beachy ideas to share? Let us know in the comments! 


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