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Don’t Be Claustrophobic: Tips to Make a Small Bathroom Feel Larger
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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

When looking for the perfect house or apartment, there are various requirements the place must have before you even consider it as a possible place to live. What happens when you get to a new place, everything you see is flawless, and then, you walk into the tiniest bathroom known to man? Do you walk away from the place because the bathroom doesn’t fit your requirements? Of course not! Read these tips on how to make even the most infinitesimal space seem luxurious. 

•     Color
Whether the bathroom gets little to no light, this tip applies regardless. To give a more uniform feel to a bathroom, keep the design of the bathroom along the same color tone. We recommend not having dark gray tiles and a light tub. Having a design like this is a bold choice, but will definitely divide the area, making the bathroom seeming smaller. Instead, opt for colors like neutrals or pastels to lighten up a formerly dark room.

Another way color can help make a cramped bathroom seem expansive is by painting the ceiling the same color as the walls. That’s right, you heard us; paint the ceiling of your bathroom. Carrying the color all the way from the floor to the ceiling makes for a more uniform look, and helps cut out unusual angles — if you have sloped or angled ceilings in the bathroom.

•     Storage
A small bathroom may not be alluring to you at first because, where are you going to put everything? That’s why we have a few pointers on how to make sure all your stuff fits — without making the bathroom seem tinier. Add a towel rack to the back of the bathroom door instead of taking up space on a wall. Install as many as you think you will need for yourself or guests who will be using the bathroom. 

Find some tall shelving units. Placing a shelving unit over the toilet enables you to have a spot for bathroom essentials like a razor or cotton swabs, without having to take up space on a vanity. If the bathroom has a pedestal sink, there is no need to swap it out for a larger sink with a cabinet underneath. Grab up another shelving unit, this time one that is a bit narrow, so it can stand by the sink. Narrow shelves provide you with just the right amount of capacity, meaning solely the items that are needed can be stored there. Say goodbye to bathroom clutter when using shelving units. But, this means you have to determine what items are necessities and what items are superfluous.

Using a pedestal sink means losing out on cabinets. But, there is another way to optimize storage space. Build recessed shelves between the studs in one wall. Recessed shelves don’t require any room on the floor, which can help open up that minuscule bathroom. If you want to be adventurous, try installing a recessed shelf in the shower — that way shampoo bottles all have a home and aren’t constantly knocked over. This may cause a need the wall to be reframed, but having extra inches for storage is a positive in our book. 

•     Mirrors
Since the bathroom tends to be the room that people gather in to get ready for the day, a mirror is an obvious inclusion. But don’t just choose the first mirror you see. If your bathroom will allow it, purchase a larger mirror to place behind the sink. A mirror will reflect the light in the room — even if you don’t have a window. The reflection a mirror produces can change the proportions of the bathroom, almost making it seem wider than it already is. 

Another option for mirrors is to use floor-to-ceiling lengths. Again, this is if your bathroom will allow such a mirror. With lighting installed at the top of a floor-to-ceiling mirror, it will double the amount of light in the room, making the bathroom seem more spread-out than the cramped quarters may be.

Or, if you can’t have a larger mirror in the bathroom, place what mirrors you can have strategically throughout the room. For a bathroom that does have a window, place the mirror on the wall across from the window. More natural light will be exposed in the room. Plus, it will appear as if you have two windows in the room. 

These are only a few ways to make that tiny bathroom into a room fit for a king. Don’t let a small space stop you from choosing the perfect apartment or house; there is always a way to improve it. Need more inspiration on bathroom designs? Take a look at our gallery

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