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Radiant Orchid Home Décor
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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Summer is approaching, and it’s a popular time for bright colors to be incorporated in clothing. But bold colors aren’t just for wearing; they can also be a vibrant part of your home. Radiant Orchid has been deemed Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2014, and we’re head over heels for this color in home décor!

Purple is known as the color of royalty. There is no better place to feature the color than where you dine. Adding orchid to the kitchen can create a dining experience fit for a queen. You’ll be inviting Queen Elizabeth for tea (and she’ll most likely accept) after reading these tips.

Textured wallpaper or even orchid paint are great places to start when redoing a kitchen. Having orchid walls has a high-impact contrast against dark-colored appliances. Even taking a few chairs and painting them purple adds a modern look to a kitchen. If you want to be extremely daring, look for orchid cabinetry or countertops to take purple to the next level.

If you do not want to go full-on orchid just yet, try using accents of the color. Orchid is appealing in both light and dark colors, so choosing the shade is simply a matter of personal preference. A great way to start is by painting the drawers on an island or getting light purple tiles for a kitchen backsplash.

In a room that’s meant for primping and relaxing, a good way to liven the mood is adding orchid to the bathroom. Incorporating orchid into a bathroom may seem a bit curious at first, but with these ideas, it’ll be the favorite room of the house.

Purple is typically seen as feminine but not too over-the-top feminine color. So if your husband is not a fan of the color, using tile strategically in the bathroom may help sway him. Adding orchid tiles in the shower may be just right for some people. But if it is too bold for your taste, put some orchid tile on the wall just behind your sink. Are vast makeovers not what you are wanting? Try adding an orchid shower curtain or even a few towels in the mix to get the feel.

Adding neutral colors along with orchid can create a calming mood. Beige and purple in the bathroom can generate a tranquil effect, which is perfect for those who look at the bathroom as a spa. Taking a darker neutral like gray or black and combining it with purple may have a more dramatic effect to it. Add orchid tile or paint to the bathroom along with gray fixtures and you’ll have a bathroom that any royal will admire.

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