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Kitchen Cabinet Colors
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Monday, June 24, 2013

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Planning a kitchen renovation or remodel involves many decisions and choices. Together the choices define the style of your kitchen. One of the most common challenges homeowners face is to know how to choose between kitchen cabinet colors.

Some kitchen cabinet colors are most commonly associated with particular design styles (but this is more flexible today). The wood you choose for your cabinets will also determine color, to some extent. However, many less expensive woods can be stained to duplicate other finishes.You might want to use the natural color and grain of a particular wood. For example, you might want a country kitchen that uses the distinctive look of natural oak. The kitchen cabinet colors can match other furniture, such as a table and chairs.

If your budget will allow it, you can also use natural cherry, walnut, mahogany, pine for their distinctive color and grain. Other kitchen designs can be created by choosing a wood with a less distinctive grain than oak or pine, such as maple or ash. These kitchen cabinet colors can then be stained to duplicate the color of other, darker woods.

Any wood can also be painted. Typically, a wood with no strong grain (like pine or oak) would be used. Cabinets can be painted any color, depending on the style and décor of the kitchen. The most commonly used kitchen cabinet colors are white, black and ivory.

Traditional style is typically designed using:
  • Rich dark woods, like cherry or mahogany, polished to a shine
  • Cabinets painted white or ivory
  • Southern Pine
Country style is typically designed using:
  • Natural wood
  • Cheerful colors
  • Bleached or pickled finishes
  • Mismatched colors
  • White is very common in many country styles
Eclectic style mixes elements of several styles and different kitchen cabinet colors and finishes.

Contemporary style is typically designed using:
  • Maple, birch and cherry
  • Other light woods in neutral tones
  • White and black are also very popular in contemporary kitchens
The style you choose for your kitchen will determine kitchen cabinet colors you will consider. White cabinets are always popular because the kitchens are light and bright. Black cabinets, particularly with stainless steel appliances or white appliances for contrast are beautiful in contemporary kitchens. A black accent piece or area in a kitchen can be very striking in many styles.

Decorative touches can be added to any kitchen cabinet colors. These might include a few glass doors or open shelving units or beveled edges and corners. Many decorative cutout designs can also be added to the front of a cabinet door or drawer.The decorative touches you add to all kitchen cabinet colors and the way you combine door design and style can make your kitchen truly unique. In any kitchen, an accent of another color can enliven your kitchen décor. Keep the basic kitchen style in mind and use your imagination to combine contrasting colors.

Whether your taste is to have everything the same color or to have two contrasting colors, you can use kitchen cabinet colors to great effect. In a country kitchen or an eclectic style, where anything goes, you can even add other colors. Then bring in color highlights with small appliances, flowers, china and pottery, etc.

With imagination and creativity, as well as a sense of the characteristics defining various styles, you can choose the perfect kitchen cabinet colors to create a personalized and spectacular kitchen. Light can cool a kitchen with dark wood cabinet colors and dark accents can warm white kitchen cabinets. Our kitchen designers here at Kelly Bros. will be happy to help you decide what suits your kitchen and personality!


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